A Window on the Blindside-1

90cm (W) x 70cm (H)
Watercolour on YUPO paper
Veena Merchant
A Window on the Blindside-1: Contemporary watercolour on YUPO paper. (unframed dimensions)

Through a Window on the blindside

There’s a window on the blindside
Where I had never been
With another perspective 
Of a familiar scene,
The world so abstracted
In shades of blue-green.

There was rhythm in the dancing 
Geometric shapes
And the compelling lines
Of roads to escapes.
Some set us free
Some pull us in,
A moment of epiphany 
On a mind’s screen. 

It looked like art
With an undercurrent heart
Which I knew pulsed there, 
Though it couldn't be seen
Through a window on the blindside
Where I have now been.

Veena Merchant,  ©️2019.